Are you ready to transform your parish into a vibrant and welcoming community that thrives through heartfelt connections and exponential growth?

Look no further than OSV’s Welcoming Pathways – your key to unlocking the potential of the times during the year when your church attracts the most parishioners and visitors. Maximize these
key temporal moments on the liturgical calendar by fostering a culture of genuine hospitality.

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With OSV's Welcoming Pathways, you will:

  • Maximize your opportunities when the most newcomers visit your parish
  • Equip leaders and volunteers for memorable, welcoming atmosphere creation
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing parish framework
  • Expert guidance aligned with your parish dynamics
What's a temporal reset moment?
Well, simply put, its an occasion or point in time that invites reflection, coupled with the desire and opportunities for improvement. The Church experiences reset moments throughout the liturgical year, often centered around feast days and special events in the life of the parish. The larger than normal attendance during these reset moments are your Pathway to parish renewal.
The team at OSV will guide you every step of the way.
We’ll design, print, and mail all of your project materials, canvasing postcards, brochure, and follow up letter. Your parish leadership team can easily access the short training modules electronically. At the end of each session, they will be prompted to complete 1-2 reflection questions and one action step to deepen their understanding of each topic. Your OSV consultant will check in along the way and help you and your leadership team develop your action plan.