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It's OK to Start with You

Self-Care Starter Kit

Authentic self-care is anything but self-indulgent

Self-care is often misunderstood and dismissed as pampering. But in reality, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health should be a priority rooted in our role as beloved children of God.

In It's OK to Start with You, therapist Julia Marie Hogan, LCPC, makes the case for making self-care a priority – beginning with reclaiming your own worth. This FREE download will help you assess your current self-care and give you practical ways to take care of yourself even on your busiest days.

In this FREE DOWNLOAD you'll find:

  • A quick self-assessment to see how you’d benefit from self-care
  • 3 Self-Care practices even the busiest person can do
  • Inspiring quotes from our saint friends on taking care of yourself
  • A series of 5 challenge videos to practice self-care for the upcoming week

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