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Grit & Glory's
7-day Catholic Workout Challenge


Build strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility and learn what it means to be physically—and spiritually—fit.

In Grit & Glory, actor and elite obstacle racer Kaiser Johnson teaches you how to integrate body and soul with traditional training principles. Whether you are a person of faith looking to increase your level of fitness or a fitness enthusiast looking to deepen your spiritual life, it’s time to say goodbye to excuses and hello to reaching your goals. Get fit and stay that way!

In this FREE DOWNLOAD you'll find:

  • 7-days of workouts and planning sheets
  • Easy to follow instructions and photographs
  • Warm-up stretching examples
  • A glimpse into the full book (which offers 90-days of workouts and planning sheets)
  • A great way to try before you buy!

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