Godly Financial Guidance
Whose money is it, anyway?
As Catholics, we have a great opportunity to renew our understanding of what it means to be a steward of providence. We might know that what we have isn't his, hers, or ours -- it all belongs to God. But putting that into practice takes practice!

In the free ebook you'll discover the Catholic approach to several key financial principles, including:
  • Building a financial foundation -- setting Godly priorities and creating (and sticking to) the plan
  •  The value of hard work -- using our talents helps us become our best selves and pleases God
  •  The delicate balance of wealth -- growing financially is ok, being attached to wealth is not
  •  The importance of saving money -- planning ahead for short and long-term obligations
  •  Tithing Q&A -- answers to questions Catholics often ask about the practice of tithing
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