Join the dozens of parishes and thousands of households
already creating plans for 2023 outreach and celebration!
Parish strategies for engaging and funding your parish future.

OSV is proud to partner with Diocese of Corpus Christi and parishes to help create a more vibrant future through a strategic partnership to bring the 110 years of experience to life.

You can engage the wide variety of resources:

  • Creating a vision for your parish future
  • Securing greater gifts online
  • Enhancing your parish database
  • Impacting ministry by engagement and increase parishioner support
  • Create your evangelization and discipleship plan

The team here at OSV has the tools, strategy and proven success to allow you to dream again to achieve impactful outreach and build the kingdom.
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Tools & Resources
Download the slides and annual plan worksheet from the April 26th and 27th workshops where OSV's Matt Adams and Ben Williams shared proven and time tested strategies built to engage your parishioners and provide consistent stewardship renewal in all aspects:

In this OSV Talks presentation, you'll learn how our own personal struggles with change and lack of understanding impacts the way we view and accept change.

Creating a customized form is quick and easy with OSV's Form Builder. Get step-by-step instructions in this article, as well as a video demonstration.

Join OSV's Senior Lead Account Executive, Joanie Lewis, as she shares powerful information about how younger generations' giving habits are changing and actionable items for your parish. 
Encouraging stewardship is a method by which the Church can remind the faithful that Jesus Christ is our strength in the midst of trials.

168 +
Total years of experience consulting with the Church

Increased offertory programs to date

$212 + million
Total committed offertory increases.

OSV Increased Offertory Program is designed to minimize the burden on parish staff while implementing a professional program to increase contributions. The OSV Team will guide you through the process and the full program. We also work with you to sustain the results through all of your offertory tools, ranging from offering envelopes to Online Giving.
See what other churches are saying.
As a direct result of our Increased Offertory [Program], we’ve been able to fund a music program. . . . We’re also able to have money directly set aside to support our Alpha program, which is all about bringing people back to the Church. We did not have that before, so by the grace of God, we have been making positive steps to move forward.

Tony Angle, Business Manager
Baraga Catholic Community, Baraga and L'Anse, MI
[The OSV Increased Offertory Program] isn’t a fundraising campaign. We’re trying to change how you look at your every day life. Every decision you make each week. And is God the first thought or is God the last thought? It’s because of teaching [our parishioners] that this is what we’re expecting to give back to God, and the whole education and spiritual component of it is why I think it’s been so successful.

Fr. Mike Ingram, Pastor
St Teresa of Avila, Grovetown, GA

Watch the videos to see how the OSV Increased Offertory Program is helping to transform parishes around the country.