10 Ways to Win at Sports Parenting
The Big Game
It's a gut-wrenching scene. You're pacing. You kid is on the field. You can barely watch. This is it -- the Big Game. Will all the hard work you've done pay off? Will he play up to your expectations?

Then you remember. It's your child's first T-Ball game. He's six. 

Take a deep breath, and consider these time-tested tips for winning at sports parenting. In this ebook you'll discover:
  • Why we put ourselves through kids sports in the first place (hint: it's good for them!)
  • The Dogma of the "Sports Parent"
  • Ten simple rules to follow on and off the field
  • Reflections on sports themes to share with your kids -- including quotes by Pope Francis
  • How winning at sports parenting can really mean winning at parenting
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